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Tessie Wallace Photography:

Today I borrowed my brother-in-law's GoPro Hero 4 silver to experiment in the pool with my son. He is 3 years old and has been taking lessons since he was 2; he has become quite the little fish! I did not know how to customize the GoPro with the protune editing features when I captured these photos, but I wanted to share my first underwater edit....which took me no less than 3 hours to edit - yikes! It's amazing how the rays of light filter in through the water and how a few sliders in Lightroom can really bring out the colors and light - two of my favorite things about taking photos (I love a pop of color and a challenging full sun shoot)! Of course, the next stage is changing my son from a smurf to a real boy, and that takes skill and patience in Photoshop to get the skin color from blue to peach. I have included the SOOC (straight out of the camera) photo so you can see what it looked like when I downloaded this photo. The transformation after editing is quite drastic and I think I've found yet another realm of photography that I love...

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